Turtle Watching

Whether you want to see a sea turtle nesting, baby sea turtles or getting to know more about the incredible work of Programa Tatô team, contact one of our tour partners. This way you will be also contributing to our conservation program.

Watch sea turtles nesting and support their conservation

During the night female sea turtles go up to the beach to lay their eggs. Accompanied by sea turtle specialists and by Programa Tatô local team, you will have an unforgettable experience. The departure is at 7:30 pm, with a visit to Museu do Mar, dinner in the community, a briefing on Sea Turtles Life Cycle, nocturnal observation of nesting females and follow the scientific work of our technical team.

Hatchlings release

2 months after the females start the nesting season, the first baby turtles start to hatch. Come to watch the birth of baby turtles and their release. Departure at 6:00 pm, where you will have the opportunity to visit the hatchery (where the eggs are protected from predators), attend a briefing on Sea Turtles Life Cycle and the opening of a nest in the hatchery, participate in the hatchlings release. You can even adopt a sea turtle and receive an adoption certificate!

Visit the Museu do Mar in the community of Morro Peixe

In the north of the island in the community of Morro Peixe, visit the Museu do Mar, where you can learn everything about Sea Turtles and the marine and coastal ecosystems of São Tomé, there are also games for children and a small shop where you can buy products made by local artisans and our production group.


Museu do Mar e da Pesca Artesanal: Morro Peixe, São Tomé e Príncipe - 0.406408, 6.638377


These activities are organized by Programa Tatô, MARAPA and by our local partner

São Tomé Paradise Tours.


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